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 World Puppet Carnival

Executive Director Rod Petrovic

Public Relation Director Jerry Bickel

The World Puppet Carnival produces carnivals and festivals around the globe. Our events are seen in theaters, streets, cultural centers, parks, streets, schools and hospitals. Puppeteers are inspired to share their art, culture and customs. We introduce children, families and adults to the magical Art of Puppetry. We fill children’s hearts with love for puppets as an alternative to video and electronic games. We help puppets become a child’s best friend.

With fanfare, performances and a parade, we celebrate Puppet Art. The World Puppet Carnival is a dynamic tool for self-expression and exploration. Carnival is a tool to unite the world; to seek out our roots, develop new ways of looking at the world and its cultures, and finally, a tool to discover and celebrate what we have in common and what makes us different. Together we Celebrate Life

Our World Art Carnival dream is to bring down the wall between the culturally privileged and underprivileged, to celebrate and share humanity’s artistic wealth as widely as possible for the benefit of larger public, especially the younger generation.

World Puppet Carnival helps make our Planet  better place for all people, nation and race to share joy and happiness in their lives.!

World Puppet Carnival

Continental Board of Directors

Rod Petrovic - Europe

Jerry Bickel - North America

Mari Boyd - Asia

Alejandra Caballero- South America

Meddah Sid Ahmed - Africa

1 - 10 November 2014
Theatre, Film, Video, Workshops, Seminars, Puppet Parades, Roundtable, Music, Dance


For Information see our 2014 Carnival Page

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Phone: +420 608 203 601

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