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Executive Director Rod Petrovic







1. ACX Productions
Klang, Malaysia

2.Theater "Tuuleveski" ("Windmill")
Johvi, Estonia

3.Theatre des Tarabates
Saint Brieuc, France

4. Fireflies Shadow Theatre
Chernihiv, Ukraine

5.Julie Desrosiers Productions
Montréal Québec, Canada

6. String Bean Puppets
Raumati, New Zealand

7. The Vietnam Puppetry Theatre
Hanoi, Vietnam

8. Christodoulos Pafios Company
Nicosia, Cyprus

9.Dolls Theatre
Kolkata, India

10. Carolina Khoury 
Torino, Italy

Yangon, Myanmar

12.Julia Raab Theater
Halle, Germany

13. Sydney Puppet Theatre
Sydney, Australia

14. Figurentheater Michael Huber
Liestal, Switzerland

15.Baychimo Teatro
Zamora, Spain

16. Danish Film Institute
Copenhagen, Denmark

17. Hilos Company
Bogota, Colombia

18. Puppet Krystal Company
Nairobi, Kenya

19. Vessel Theatre
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

20. Gnayaw Puppet Company
Mexico, Indonesia, Spain

21.Company Taowaru 
Coromandel, New Zealand

22.Julietas e os Metabonecos 
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

23. Objectable Theater
Bariloche, Argentina

24. Miniatura City Theatre, 
Gdansk, Poland

25. Theatre Ro.Gi.Narae
Seongnam-Si, Korea

26. Master Sky Art Group
Almaty, Kazakhstan

27. Heather Henson's IBEX Puppetry
Orlando, USA

28. Puppet and Shadow Art Society, 
Beijing,  China

29. World of Puppets - by Bernd Ogrodnik
Reykjavik, Iceland

30. Shilpakala  Academy  Puppet  Theatre
Dhaka, Bangladesh

31. Shadow Theatre AnnaFabuli
Hamburg, Germany

32. Playground / Xavier Bobés
Girona, Spain

33. Yerevan State Puppet Theatre after H. Toumanian
Yerevan, Aremenia

34. Jose Navarro Theatre
Andahuaylas, Peru

35. CIrco Poeira
Sao Paulo, Brazil

36.  Wolf Sign Theatre
Helsinki, Finland

37.Theatre Danny & Dessi 
Haskovo, Bulgaria 

38. Kkachidong Theare Company
Jeonju-shi-Jellabuk-do, Korea

39. Tirana National Puppet Theatre 
Tirana, Albania

40. African Art Production
Cape Town, South Africa

41. Children and Youth theater Merlin
Timisoara, Romania

42. Teatro Verde 
Rome, Italy

43. Georgian State Hand Shadow Theatre
Tbilisi, Georgia

44 GMTV Produccions, 
Guatemala City, Guatemala

45. El Arca Teatro
Havana, Cuba

46. Noisy Oyster Company
Frome Somerset, United Kingdom

47. Chizuko Takada
Tokyo, Japan

48. Sajdi Theatre
Abidjan, Ivory Cost

49. Arlekin Puppet Theatre
Lodz, Poland

50. Puppet Theatre Centre Buoy
Helsinki, Finland

51. Ilhnager Art Center
Cairo, Egypt

52. Teatro Naku 
Caracas, Venezuela

53. Compagnie Domia Production
Tunis, Tunisia

54. Figurentheater Vlinders & Co
Beveren, Belgium

55. 27 Aban Group Theater
Tehran, Iran

56.Taller de Títeres
Quito, Ecuador

57. Prassein Aloga” Greek Visual Puppet Theatre
Athens, Greece 

58.Puppet Theatre 
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

59. Center for Decorative Arts
New York, USA 

60. Thuy Tien from Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre
Hanoi, Vietnam

61. Skromlehjulet Puppet theater
Jørpeland, Norway

62. Bajkamela Puppet Theatre
Belgrade, Serbia

63. Theatre & Puppet Ensemble Glasio Bluo 
Tokyo, Japan

64. Cantieri Teatrali KOREJA
Lecce, Italy

65. Serkan Kaplan Theatre
Ankara, Turkey

66. Skubik Art - Anna Skubik
Wroclaw, Poland

67. Puppet Theater Yumemi Trunk
Nagoya, Japan

68. Wanlu and his Puppets
Antipolo City, Philippines

69. Compagnie Articulate
Melbourne, Australia

70. 7--5– 1 Theatre  Group
Tehran, Iran

71.Theatre Tutiteres
Santa Fe, Argentina

72 .Classics in Miniature, Inc
Hollywood, USA

73. Dybbuk Company,
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Kamakura-she, Japan

75. The National Puppet Theatre Trupe Kabong Lao
Vien Tiane, Laos

76. Mai Mohab Puppet Theater
Cairo, Egypt

77. Your Man's Puppets
Gregclare, Ardrahan- Galway, Ireland

78. Teatro de Munecos La Loca Compania
Armenia-Quindío, Colombia

79. Teatro Club  “Rama de Plata”
Quito, Ecuador

80. S.A.Marionetas – Teatro & Bonecos
Alcobaça, Portugal

81. Theatre  "Reflection"
Moscow, Russia

82. Le Théâtre du Grand Méchant P'tit Loup
Charleroi, Belgium

83. Infinita Companhia Teatro de Animação
São Paulo, Brazil

84. Bratislava Puppet Theatre
Bratislava, Slovakia

85. CNAM National Center of Puppet Art
Tunis, Tunisia

86. PuppetKu's Theatre
Klang, Malaysia

87. Lebanese Puppet Theatre
Beirut, Lebanon

88. Brest Puppet Theatre
Brest, Belarus

89. La Ruta del Teatrino
San Cristobal de las Casas, 
Mexico – Chile 

90. The Sbeik Thom Shadow Puppet Troupe 
Phnom Penh, Kingdom of  Cambodia

91. Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre
Dover Florida, USA

92. Gyula Urban
Budapest, Hungary

93. La Gorda Azul Teatro
Santa Fe, Argentina

94. Mascots and Puppets Specialists
& Frankie Malachi, Singapore

Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

96.Teater Sesam
Gothenburg, Sweden

97. Le Théâtre Guignol de Lyes 
Sartrouville, France

98. Pema Donyo Video, 
Kathmandu, Nepal

99. Masti – Makers Dance Group
Pali Marwar-Rajasthan, India

100. Budapest Puppet Theatre
Budapest, Hungary

101. Sarake Records
Bamako, Mali

102. Punakha Video, 
Thimpu, Kingdom of Bhutan

103 Association of  Puppeteers 
Lome, Togo 

104. Butterfly Art Group
Monrovia, Liberia

105. Puppet Theatre 
Colombo, Sri Lanka

106. Pampinak Teather
Montevideo, Uruguay

107. Puppet theatre Nebo
Kranj, Slovenia

108. Divog Accra Organization
Ghana, Canada 

109. Spencer Weart Boni
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

110. PEPADI - Indonesian Puppeteer Association
Jakarta, Indonesia

111. Anjos da Noite Teatro de Rua 
Santa Catarina, Brazil

112. Film Studio Barrandov
Czech Republic

113. UCLA University
Los Angelees, USA

114. Sid Ahmed Meddah 
Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria

115. Alejandra Caballero Torretti
Santiago, Chile

116. Dr. Suyanto S.Kar, MA.
Institut Seni (ISI) Surakarta, Indonesia

Bangkok 24 June 2014
Carnival Artistic Director
Rod Petrovic


Dear Puppeteers and Friends Around the World,

The World Puppet Carnival produces carnivals and festivals around the globe. Our events are seen in theaters, streets, cultural centers, parks, streets, schools and hospitals. Puppeteers are inspired to share their art, culture and customs. We introduce children, families and adults to the magical Art of Puppetry. We fill children’s hearts with love for puppets as an alternative to video and electronic games. We help puppets become a child’s best friend.

With fanfare, performances and a parade, we celebrate Puppet Art. The World Puppet Carnival is a dynamic tool for self-expression and exploration. Carnival is a tool to unite the world; to seek out our roots, develop new ways of looking at the world and its cultures, and finally, a tool to discover and celebrate what we have in common and what makes us different. Together we Celebrate Life

Our World Art Carnival dream is to bring down the wall between the culturally privileged and underprivileged, to celebrate and share humanity’s artistic wealth as widely as possible for the benefit of larger public, especially the younger generation.

World Puppet Carnival helps make our Planet a better place for all people, nations and race to share joy and happiness in their lives!

Executive Director Rod Petrovic

Public Relations Director Jerry Bickel


World Puppet Carnival

Continental Board of Directors

Rod Petrovic - Europe

Jerry Bickel - North America

Mari Boyd - Asia

Alejandra Caballero- South America

Meddah Sid Ahmed - Africa

1 - 10 November 2014
Theatre, Film, Video, Workshops, Seminars, Puppet Parades, Roundtable, Music, Dance


For Information see our 2014 Carnival Page

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